Solidarity Demonstration with Toronto G20 arrestees

Posted by atrain

A solidarity demonstration for Toronto G20 arrestees is planned for

Monday July 26th
at 2pm at the Canadian Consulate in Chicago.

Last month thousands took the streets of Toronto in opposition to the G20 and the Canadian state. Although nearly a billion dollars was spent to secure the territory around the summit, attacks on capital and the state were successfully carried out, with banks and shops vandalized and looted and a number of police cars set ablaze.
At the very least this was incredibly embarrassing for the security apparatus.
Although the police attempted to be everywhere at once and although
we experience repression at every instant, especially in such situations, many who were in Toronto were able to find spaces in which to demonstrate their hatred and refusal of the conditions maintained by the G20 and its defenders.

While we celebrate these victories we recognize that such actions are
always followed by continued and intensified repression.  Over one thousand people were arrested during the mobilizations.  On Monday we will demonstrate our rage against the persecution suffered by our comrades in Toronto,  the rest of Ontario, and Quebec. Not only are more than 200 people still facing serious charges based on street arrests, but 17 are charged with conspiracy,allegedly for organizing the demonstrations, and three people are being railroaded for a solidarity attack on a Royal Canadian Bank in Ottawa. Finally, police have released a high-profile list of “22 most wanted rioters” based on terrifying high-tech means of identification.

Absolute solidarity with all those facing repression in Ontario and Quebec!

Join us on

Monday July 26th, 2 p.m

Canadian Consulate at 180 North Stetson Avenue
Chicago, IL.
We will meet on the front steps of the Art Institute at 1:30pm and then
walk over to the consulate.

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5 thoughts on “Solidarity Demonstration with Toronto G20 arrestees

  1. Thanks for making sure that the challenges we’ve faced here are raised outside our borders. The pressure to undermine our civil liberties and human rights is persistent and pervasive yet so many prefer to look the other way, maintain the illusion of security, something they don’t realize they are giving away. My son was arrested and beaten by police, held without medical attention for 24 hours and let go without any charges being laid. There’s a letter on my website,, that I wrote to raise some of the many questions that need to be answered.
    Thanks again.

  2. Aaron

    How about you idiots stop celebrating the victory of blatant foolishness over the “security apparatus” and realize that the state uses groups like yours, who approve of vandalism, as justification for oppression in the public eye? The police approve of and incite Black Bloc actions, they make it easier to carry out the largest mass arrest in Canadian history and have the public in general think, “Oh, they were just thugs.” The people in Toronto engaged in legitimate political protest do not want your solidarity, they want the Black Bloc to stay away from legitimate political protests.
    I’m a Canadian and I support the innocent political protesters arrested in Toronto, but I do not support destruction of property. This kind of behaviour simply serves to reinforce the state’s claims that those opposed to them are violent thugs. Approving of these actions is blinkered short-sightedness of the worst kind.

  3. Bananas

    The G20 and protesters accomplished much more than one could ever imagine globally. It now can be said that one of the most peaceful cities in North America, Toronto aka “Hogtown,” can RIOT! With the overwhelming magnitude of the Police Riot Squad (1000’s) in control; a handful of goons, not protesters, can willfully damage property without physically hurting one person or getting busted! Can any other global community claim fame to that one? 3 CHEERS!!!

    Police claim to have done a bang up job and we all thank them from the depths of our pockets. There’s no if and or buts about it; the authorities, right under everyone’s noses, refused to stop the rioters. The police while ignoring everyone else’s rights and freedoms, to the point of actually drawing blood from peaceful protesters, managed to somehow maintained a major role in the overall offensive coming out unscathed with impunity? As our leaders pat you on the backs for a job well done and sticking their noses up at the people we applaud with acceptance. 3 CHEERS!!!

    Meanwhile… PM Harper, in his concluding speech to the world at the G20 summit told viewers that Canada’s sovereignty is finished. Again… 3 CHEERS!!!

    My question is… who, as in what splinter group, not excluding his reference to the G8 as like minded democratic allies in health, drugs, war, policies etc.; ordered Harper to dismantle “Canada” (famously known as a global peace keeping nation) and for what purpose? I hear the Queen’s in the area and Canada is Crown property. What a chunk of real estate! 3 CHEERS FOR THE QUEEN!!!

    For the small sum of $1.2 billion (Can), our fearless leader bought into a perpetual global dictatorship. We are a proud and thankful people and will now happily bow to no recourse or protection what so ever. 3 CHEERS!!!

    Happy Canada Day… ops correction! Let’s be politically correct and keep with the times. It will written that on July 1st 2010 Canada became the New World Order’s “First District” surpassing all expectations and tests; a guiding light for others to follow. Let me be the first. A toast; HAPPY NEW WORLD ORDER DAY EVERYBODY!!! One more time… 3 CHEERS!!!

  4. Bananas

    The police were never trapped and they have an inherent right to no fixed boundaries but exercised their so-called right to carve out a path for the protesters by blocking individual rights and freedoms from the gates of G20 delegates’. Buildings and objects have no feelings. The rioters were having a heyday of destruction and were not “violent.” One could say it was like taking candy from a baby. They were taking the path of least resistance offered by the cops. The cops drew blood against humans. That’s violence. The cop’s strategically decided where, when and how this protest was going to take place and ultimately unfold. They have the time, resources, $1 billion, education, arms, strategy, manpower (physically, emotionally, training), government approval, authority and a lot more at their fingertips. Who’s doing what to whom?

    Ask yourself… which side of the fence are you standing on?

    There were 6 types of people at that protest. The G20 Delegates, Protesters, Cops, Media, Onlookers and the Black Bloc Rioters. If I could group together the people who went back to work Monday morning feeling all cheery eyed and happy of accomplishments; my best guess would be the G20 Delegates, Cops, Black Bloc Rioters and the Media for having something to exaggerate… and who were distraught; the Protesters and Onlookers.

    The only prisoners here are the good citizens of Toronto, Protesters and Onlookers… Joe Public. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984!

  5. Resident of Toronto

    As far as I’m concerned, dear anarchists, take your f—ing solidarity and cram it up your asses which is where you seem to have your thought processes too. Toronto doesn’t need the solidarity of those who would vandalize our city and give the media a gift-wrapped image of rioting and “violence”. The anarchists’ only purpose was to justify for our Prime Minister the expense of spending $1Billion of taxpayer money in security. So gee, thanks anarchists– NOT. Toronto doesn’t want your so-called solidarity. Fuck off.

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