Four Star is in the process of creating an internal political education curriculum. Each session will include prep work that is “something to read and something to do”, and a handout that includes resources, further reading, and the key thematic issues. These topics will be presented during our regular meetings and last for one hour. Overflow discussion can be scheduled for the following week. The structure of these follow up discussions will be very open and, as with the formal presentations, include dessert. Eventually, this collection of presentations will be available on our website.

Curriculum topics (not in order of presentation):
  • Anarchist history from Proudhon to the present
  • Anarchist theory of the state and capitalism
  • Contemporary direct action in theory and practice
  • History and theory of patriarchy and feminism
  • History and theory of white supremacy in North America
  • Working class and labor radicalism in North America, past and present
  • Radical environmentalism from Bookchin to the present
  • Learning from other movements: marxism, revolutionary nationalism, etc
  • History and theory of anti-imperialism and anti-fascism
  • History and theory of prisons and the police

Unit One: History of Anarchism

Anarchy: A Graphic Guide (Part One) (Part Two)

For use with Anarchy: A Graphic Guide: Key Dates & Resources Handout

You are making a page for a scrapbook! (Prep Work Instructions)

Small group project (Conversation between Ben Reitman and Andrew Flood)

Four Star  periodically hosts public education events and panels, such as the recent Anarchists Against the Wall speaking tour.

Below is a quarter-fold program for “Inside Hell’s Handbasket,” a panel Four Star and Michigan’s Solidarity and Defense hosted in March 2009 at Jane Addams’ Hull House as a response to the economic crisis.


Speaking Panel Program (Inside Hell’s Handbasket)


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