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Update: from ChicagoIWW – CPS Destroys La Casita- 10 arrests – Community Hunts Down Alderman

Today, the neoliberal Rahm regime showed its true colors. No sham hearings. No focus groups. Just a jackboot on your throat and a backhoe through your community center. Thanks to the anarchists, wobblies and everyone who came out to back up these courageous working-class Latin@ parents and children. A free education and self-management are the right of all and the struggle for these continues.


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URGENT ALERT: School Blockade needs Solidarity

Forward widely,

Saturday, 7:30am. A blockade is in effect at La Casita community center at Whittier Elementary School, 1900 W 23rd street. More and more cops have been showing up during the last 2 hours. Union workers honored the picket and turned away but demolition trucks just showed up on site.

Please go there if you can!

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A Fracking Manifesto


A Fracking Manifesto
from the people of Illinois to the nation
May 30, 2013

(endorsed by Four Star Anarchist Organization)

We know that high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking (HVHF) is an accidentprone, inherently dangerous industrial process with risks that include catastrophic and irremediable damage to our health and environment.

    We know that HVHF and its attendant technologies—

  • contribute to groundwater contamination, including 219 cases in Pennsylvania alone.
  • turn massive amounts of fresh, drinkable water into massive amounts of briny, poisonous flowback fluid for which there is no failsafe disposal solution.
  • vent hazardous air pollutants that are associated with cancer, asthma, heart attack, stroke, and preterm birth.
  • release radioactive substances—including radon, which is the number two cause of lung cancer—and benzene, which is a proven cause of leukemia, from deep geological strata.
  • fragment forests in ways that decimate birds and wildlife, sabotage natural flood control systems, and pour sediment into rivers and streams.
  • industrialize communities in ways that vastly increase truck traffic, noise pollution, light pollution, stress, crime, and the need for emergency services.
  • offer jobs that are dangerous, toxic, and temporary with a fatality rate seven times that of other industries.
  • leak prodigious amounts of methane, a potent heat-trapping gas.

We know these problems cannot be prevented by any set of rules or government office, let alone state agencies like those in Illinois, which have been cut to the bone by budget cuts and cannot be counted on for regulatory enforcement.

We have heard the warnings of our brothers and sisters living in the gasfields of Pennsylvania and Ohio, whose children, pets, and livestock are sick, whose property values are ruined, whose water is undrinkable. We have heard the pleas of our neighbors in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, where stripmining for frac sand has devastated communities, destroyed landscapes, and filled the air with carcinogenic silica dust.

We are aware that our own beloved Starved Rock State Park is already threatened by industrial mining of silica sand used for fracking operations and that the pressure to stripmine Illinois for sand will only increase with every well that is drilled and fracked.

We assert that fracking is a moral crisis. In a time of climate emergency, it is wrong to further deepen our dependency on fossil fuels. In a state such as Illinois, where chronic drought and water shortages are already forecast for our children’s future, it is wrong to destroy fresh water resources in order to bring new sources of climate-killing gas and oil out of the ground.

We reject the legitimacy of Illinois’ fracking regulatory bill, which was the result of closed-door negotiations between industry representatives and compromise-oriented environmental organizations. Responsible only to their funders and their members, these environmental groups do not represent us nor are they empowered to negotiate on our behalf. We consider the fracking regulatory bill to be a subversion of both science and democracy. Throughout its creation, no comprehensive health study or environmental impact study was ever commissioned. No public hearings or public comment periods ever took place. And yet it is the public that is being compelled to live with the risks sanctioned by this bill. It is an unjust law.

Knowing that our own government has abdicated its responsibility to protect the safety and wellbeing of the citizenry, knowing that no one is coming to save us, we declare our intent to save ourselves from the ravages of shale gas and oil extraction via HVHF. We declare our intent to join together in a fracking abolitionist movement.

As such, no longer shall national environmental organizations based far from impacted realities make decisions that will have life-changing impacts on the people living in impacted zones. We will call out organizations that betray core values and integrity. We will openly inform their membership and their funders and reveal the truth of where they stand and at whose expense.

We call for a mobilization that brings fracking realities to the rest of the nation. If our elected officials refuse to visit the fracking fields, then we will bring the fracking fields to them—in the form of science, stories, photographs, film, lectures, hearings, and journalism. If elected officials refuse to defend our land, water, air, and health against those who would despoil them for their own profit, then we will do it ourselves, using peaceful, non-violent methods.

We hereby commit ourselves to building a powerful movement that will protect Illinois’ children—and safeguard the living ecosystem on which their lives depend—for generations to come. In short, we declare our intent to take the future into our hands. And that future is unfractured.

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Four Star Anarchists recall when NATO came to town.

Four Star Anarchist Organization isn’t a faceless political group — we’re a collection of unique Chicagoans with a variety of experiences, perspectives, and ways of expressing ourselves. Our diverse strengths have never been more apparent than when NATO came to town last May. We had members marching with their union, providing crucial medical care, distributing protest survival kits, rejecting their military service medals, and taking arrests in defense of their comrades. Some of us stayed home with our phone ringers turned up, frantically refreshing our newsfeeds and hoping for nothing but good news. Several of us worked with a photographer who wanted to document a Chicago radical group planning for NATO — you can view a slideshow of the photos here.

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Post-NATO Discourse on Agent Provocateurs & Entrapment

(Notes from the Four Star News Desk)

Bounty Hunters and Child Predators: Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy
The FBI’s latest targets of infiltration and legal repression seem to indicate a new approach to disrupting radical movements — instead of targeting high profile individuals or leaders, a new narrative is being built to conflate those who defend themselves in the face of police repression with terrorists. In this article, Crimethinc gives some possible reasons why.

How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing ‘Terrorists’ – and Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook
Typical Rolling Stone rambling, but brings up some interesting points about the State’s priorities. The far right’s prolific tendency towards murder warrants almost no strategy of disruption like the anarchists face, according to the FBI.

Domestic Terrorism — Anarchist Extremism: A Primer
The FBI has given primers on four domestic terrorist threats – eco-terrorists/animal rights extremists, lone offenders, the sovereign citizens movement, and… anarchists! Considering that the “eco-terrorist/animal rights extremist” movement in North America shares a great deal of ground with the anarchist movement, this article indicates that the State finds our radical social movements to be more of a threat than people who are crazed murderers.

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
In this article, the New York Times questions the legitimacy of post 9/11 entrapment tactics. They show how easily someone can be transformed into a rabid, American-hating terrorist by the profit motive. How many lives have to be ruined by the FBI’s eagerness to get a conviction?

NATO 3 Indicted. The Charges: We’ll Get Back to You on That.


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“Whence Anarchism? The historical conjuncture of #Occupy”

Members of Four Star were invited to speak at the Fourth Annual International Convention of the Platypus Affiliated Society. John Slavin accepted the opportunity to speak in personal capacity. Please enjoy the audio track!

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Four Star Digest #2 – Now Available

Once again, we have completed a broadsheet, Four Star Digest #2, summarizing what we’re up to. Enjoy!

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Latest “Four Star Digest” summarizes our recent work

A look at what we’ve been up to in the past few months: Four Star Digest

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German people in unprecedented rebellion against government

Posted by atrain

“In our world as a whole, we must engage scientific principles and appropriate technologies to ensure a thriving and sustainable planet for all. Most people are experts on their own needs and we are able to solve even the biggest problems when we work together.” – from the Four Star Statement of Principles

From Aletho News:

1000 injured in nuclear protests, police at breaking point

The 17,000 police officers that marched into the woods around the nuclear storage facility in Gorleben in northern Germany on Sunday morning looked invincible. Police personnel from France, Croatia and Poland had joined in the biggest security operation ever mounted against protestors against the a train carrying nuclear waste to a depot in an isolated part of  Lower Saxony’s countryside. But by Sunday night, those same police officers were begging the protestors for a respite. Read more.

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Neo-Nazi march interrupted by riot in downtown Phoenix

Posted by atrain

Arizona’s ABC 15 reports that “Two people were arrested and more than a hundred protesters were separated by police Saturday in downtown Phoenix. The riot happened Saturday afternoon when the National Socialist Movement began its march in support of Arizona’s controversial immigration law.”

Neo-Nazi mobilization around Arizona SB 1070 indicates that they desire to harness anti immigrant legislation to move the right, further to the right.  Furthermore, it shows affinity and “common interest” between Arizona law makers, minutemen and tea bagers, and government officials.

While minutemen, tea bagers, and nazis preach anti government language and fear of oligarchies and ‘government insiders’; their mobilization around this legislation indicates that they are far from anti-statist or against oligarchy or government power.  For them, it’s only a matter that they are not in the driver seat and it’s not their oligarchy and they are not the insiders.

The long term solution to defeat racists and their ability to gain any foothold is to out organize, educate and develop strong grass roots presence in workplaces and communities.

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