About Us

Four Star Anarchist Organization (4*@O) began in 2008, when a group of anarchists decided it was time to recreate an organized anarcho-communist presence in Chicago. Our original basis for unity was the Anarkismo statement, but we have since finalized and established our own guiding Statement of Principles.

The name “Four Star” is a reference to the stars on the Chicago flag and indicates our intention to connect to local social struggles. We describe ourselves as an “anarchist organization” because we believe anarchist principles such as mutual aid, direct democracy, and direct action are effective when applied towards organizing and transforming social institutions.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Alex

    Nice work on the site friends. I like the links and the suggested readings sections. One mistake though: Common Cause is actually and Ontario wide group with branches in three other cities besides Toronto ; ) All the best.

    Common Cause (personal capacity)

  2. Dears Comrades:

    We send the link of our anarchist organization to add to your website

    fraternal greetings

    Up whose fight!!

    Comisión Prensa, Propaganda y Relaciones Exteriores
    Columna Libertaria Joaquin Penina
    regional Rosario del Anarquismo Organizado

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