Statement of Principles

The Four Star Anarchist Organization believes all people must have control over the basic conditions of their lives. Core values of cooperation, equality, and direct democracy guide our struggle toward a free society that transforms our relationships with our neighborhoods, workplaces, culture, the world in which we live, and each other.

  • In our families, women, children, and all members must have equality and freedom from violence. We must be free to develop healthy, supportive relationships of our choosing as opposed to living conditions and arrangements resulting from economic, religious, cultural, or government coercion.
  • In our neighborhoods, community and economic development must be freely decided by all. All people are entitled to quality housing, safe communities, healthcare, education, and other necessities of life.
  • In our workplaces, we must have direct democratic control over the conditions of our labor and effort. Bosses must be replaced by the cooperative decisions and actions of those who work in homes, stores, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, and all other workplaces. This work must be based on fulfilling real needs rather than creating profits for the wealthy.
  • In our communities, people must be free to develop and maintain culture–art, music, sport, and food–that reflects the best part of daily life in our society. Justice, respect, and passion can only thrive in a world where our popular culture is both social and cooperative.
  • In our world as a whole, we must engage scientific principles and appropriate technologies to ensure a thriving and sustainable planet for all. Most people are experts on their own needs and we are able to solve even the biggest problems when we work together.

Four Star is committed to struggling against the lethal combination of oppression and domination that characterizes life in our society: capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, environmental devastation, and the state. Our vision is to help develop affinity and empower people by providing direct support to groups, communities, and individuals who are identifying solutions in their lives. To make this happen, we involve ourselves with social movements and promote anarchism, direct democracy, and militant direct action.

Version 1.0. Adopted April 29, 2009.


6 thoughts on “Statement of Principles

  1. Hi Folks,

    I came across this from a link by Redjade in Hungary on Facebook, but I’m not sure if he’s related to you.

    Just to say, this is a great statement, very clear, focussed, precise, and one that, I think, many anarchist organisations could take a leaf out of.

    Well done, and good luck in your campaigning.

    Mark C.

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  3. Simon Oosterman

    I agree, this is a great statement of principles. I hope you don’t mind it being pilfered. 😉

  4. Hi,I’m seeking to network with the Some Chicago Anarchists group&learn of any future meetings scheduled.

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  6. Hello, my name is Rodney Smith I live in Hoffman Estates, IL and its nice to see an organization interested in freedom and liberty. I would love to learn more about this organization. I have a podcast about freedom, I hope people check it out.

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