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Chicago Anarchist Film Festival seeks submissions

Four Star members are helping organize the 2011 Chicago Anarchist Film Festival. Submissions are due April 1.

CAFF entry form

From CAFF:

For the 11th year the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival will present a sample of films culled from mainstream sources, rediscovered classics and the works of filmmakers engaged in providing entertainment, documenting social change, and projecting a world that could be.

Chicago Anarchist Film Festival organizers seek un- and under-distributed films and videos to include in the May 2011 Chicago Anarchist Film Festival. We also welcome suggestions for titles that may inadvertently allow anarchy to seep through the cracks of the status quo. Movie collage, music videos and trailers for works-in-progress will also be considered. This is a film festival with an anarchist vision. We invite you to share your images and stories that reveal and invigorate a rich anarchist presence in society.

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Anarchists Against the Wall Speaking Tour

Posted by FSAO

Four Star Anarchist Organization is co-sponsoring the Anarchists Against the Wall speaking tour.  Come learn more about anarchist resistance to Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 28

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan Ave., Room 326

Speaker:  Sahar Vardi is a 20 year old peace activist from Jerusalem. She has been active with different groups working against the occupation of
Palestine such as Anarchists Against the Wall, Taayush, New Profile
and many more for over 7 years. In August 2008 she refused her
mandatory military service, in a letter to the ministery of defense
declaring her refusal she wrote: “I realize that the soldier at the
checkpoint is not responsible for the wretched policy of oppression of
Palestinian civilians, and yet I am unable to relieve that soldier of
the responsibility for his own actions … I mean the human
responsibility of not causing suffer to another human being.”
Sahar Vardi was released from military prison in January 2009 and has
been working since with the Israeli Committee Against House
Demolitions and the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement.

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July 31st, “Action Against Fascism and Racism” report

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Posted by Daniel C.

In response to the July 31 Call to Action Against Fascism and Racism, members of Four Star Anarchist Organization brought attention to the murder of Anthony Kyser, an unemployed African-American barber, outside of a CVS Pharmacy in the Little Village Neighborhood of Chicago in May. Kyser was choked to death by the manager of the CVS in an alley for stealing toothpaste and crayons.  Four Star Anarchist Organization was appalled not only by this senseless act of violence against a working-class person of color, but also by the fact that the manager that murdered Kyser was not held accountable for his actions.

Four Star Anarchist Organization chose to respond by hanging a banner with a painted picture of Anthony Kyser at the CVS location and talking to people on the street outside of the store. We arrived at the location at noon, and were joined by members of the Iowa City-based anarchist group Wild Rose Collective that came to Chicago to participate in our efforts. When we asked people walking by the CVS about their thoughts on the murder, reactions ranged from shock at just having heard about it for the first time to people who remembered when Kyser was murdered and knew him personally. We also listened to people talk about racism, capitalism, unemployment, imperialism, and other issues that affect working-class people today. After spending a little over an hour at this location, we moved to the nearby North Lawndale neighborhood (where Kyser lived) and continued to talk to people about his murder. By the end of our action, we made contact with a number of people who wished to be informed about any further organizing efforts.

Afterwards, some members of Four Star moved on to a barbecue hosted by South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action in the Lakeview neighborhood, where we mingled with members of Wild Rose Collective, North Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action, and Bring The Ruckus. While eating lunch, we talked about upcoming anti-racist and anti-fascist events and received recently published literature on local anti-fascist work from ARA and anti-fascist music compilations from Bring The Ruckus.

Overall, our participation in the July 31 Day of Action Against Fascism and Racism saw members of Four Star out in the streets talking (and listening) to people about how racism and capitalism affect our lives and making contact with other local groups working towards radical change.

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