Anarchists Against the Wall Speaking Tour

Posted by FSAO

Four Star Anarchist Organization is co-sponsoring the Anarchists Against the Wall speaking tour.  Come learn more about anarchist resistance to Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 28

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan Ave., Room 326

Speaker:  Sahar Vardi is a 20 year old peace activist from Jerusalem. She has been active with different groups working against the occupation of
Palestine such as Anarchists Against the Wall, Taayush, New Profile
and many more for over 7 years. In August 2008 she refused her
mandatory military service, in a letter to the ministery of defense
declaring her refusal she wrote: “I realize that the soldier at the
checkpoint is not responsible for the wretched policy of oppression of
Palestinian civilians, and yet I am unable to relieve that soldier of
the responsibility for his own actions … I mean the human
responsibility of not causing suffer to another human being.”
Sahar Vardi was released from military prison in January 2009 and has
been working since with the Israeli Committee Against House
Demolitions and the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement.

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